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Human fireworks are the most soothing to the hearts of ordinary people. With the national epidemic prevention and control situation gradually improving, the implementation of various policies to stabilize growth, the steady rebound of economic vitality, and the orderly promotion of the resumption of business around the city, the city’s “fireworks” are speeding up the return. China Development and Reform News Agency reporter from the National Information Center learned that the National Information Center monitoring and analysis of high-frequency data such as the flow of people in key shopping areas, consumption of living services, underground passenger traffic, etc. shows that since June, various consumption indicators have steadily rebounded. The lively urban life scene is reappearing.

Walking through the streets of Shanghai, some roads in the city center have returned to traffic, especially those close to residential areas, and large shopping malls are the busiest.

To ensure passenger safety, Shanghai net taxi drivers enforce nucleic acid once every 24 hours, along with additional antigen testing. Passengers are also required to scan the car’s place code for registration once they get on board.

First day of dine-in in Shanghai: even high-end restaurants with thousands of dollars per person are full!

On the first day of the orderly resumption of dine-in in Shanghai, some restaurants were fully booked, including Haidilao, which was following the usual Friday dosage for the day’s stocking. “Dozens of calls had come in before the doors opened for business to book dine-in meals for today.” Lu Peipei, the shop manager of the shop, was introduced.

Not only regular restaurants but also some high-end restaurants with a per capita cost of $1,000 have seen a wave of “bookings” after the resumption of dine-in dining.

Some businesses started preparing more than 20 days ago

No one is more excited about the resumption of dine-in food in Shanghai than caterers.

“We have been preparing for the resumption of work at all times for a long time!” Lu Pei Pei introduced that since June 1, shops will be disinfected and cleaned every two to three days. Every day, the shop manager, lobby manager, and food safety officer will take turns to introduce new products and activities to staff, consolidate food safety operating rules and familiarise themselves with the newly issued company system.

Lu Pei Pei said that on the 26th, Shanghai issued a notice for the orderly resumption of dine-in, and early on the 27th, she organized the entire staff to re-wash and disinfect the shop’s tableware at high temperatures, adding up to thousands of pieces of all cups, plates, and dishes, material boxes and pots and pans. “After a whole morning of washing, everyone had a quick lunch and started to disinfect the shop environment thoroughly. Our uniforms were also re-sanitized and ironed one by one, and we were all very excited to hear that we could resume dine-in.”

Before and after video of the Shanghai outbreak



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