5 Christmas Treats to Dress Up Your Festive Table

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Who doesn’t love the holiday season?

It’s a time for merry-making with friends and family and gathering around tables heaving with good food and tempting treats.

Thanks to the convenience of food and grocery delivery services like AirAsia food and AirAsia grocer, the days of slaving away in the kitchen to prepare that festive meal are long gone.

And even if you’re not hosting a party, spreading holiday cheer by gifting a friend or family member with delectable nibbles from ice cream to grazing platters is just a click away.

Eat and make merry!

Keju by Carmen

You may have a beautiful wreath on your front door, but if you want to wow your guests this Christmas, an edible garland on the table will earn you a spot in the hosting Hall of Fame.

No clue how to put an edible wreath together? Have no fear; Keju by Carmen is near.

Keju by Carmen specialises in cheese, fruit and dessert grazing platters that come in all sizes, from the perfect-for-one Baby to Extra Large, which can feed up to 20 hungry mouths.

Spread some holiday cheer with a Christmas Wreath, a palate-pleasing platter featuring a selection of cheeses including Gouda, Brie and blue cheese, as well as seedless grapes, berries and oat crackers.

The yummy wreath is garnished with dehydrated orange slices and sprigs of rosemary. Still, if you want to make your centrepiece even fancier, add-ons include Taittinger champagne, truffle hummus and chocolate pearls.

Negative 12 Degrees

It can be challenging to include vegan desserts on your menu, but if you don’t want to be that friend who serves cardboard cake, go the ice cream route, where there are more fail-safe options.

Vegan ice cream purveyor Negative 12 Degrees knows how to craft creamy, plant-based treats that appeal to all ages.

Its owner, Chloe, began churning vegan ice cream so her son, who had food allergies, could enjoy frozen treats like all his friends.

Negative 12 Degrees has a feel-good frosty treat for the holiday season that everyone will love – Vegan Christmas Peppermint Candy.

This utterly creamy Christmas treat is concocted with unsweetened soya milk, coconut cream, mint paste, guar gum and inulin, a prebiotic that’s good for digestion.

Crushed peppermint candy canes add delicious crunch into the mix.

The brand also has a sugar-free range, which includes a new flavour for the holidays, Rose with French Vanilla, a Dilmah tea-infused offering.

Eat Cake Today

Red Velvet Christmas Log. Image: Eat Cake Today

Inspired by the 19th-century French tradition of burning a yule log to welcome good tidings for the new year, the yule log cake is a holiday staple.

The irresistible rolled cake is easy to eat, but making one yourself may prove a little tricky.

Lucky for you, Eat Cake Today, which showcases talented local bakers, has a couple of 6-inch yule log cakes that are bound to pretty up any festive table.

The Red Velvet Christmas Log, a moist red velvet cake with a bright red glaze decorated with macarons and white chocolate discs, is a merry choice. In contrast, the more traditional-looking Christmas Chocolate Log Cake features a log design and decadent chocolate ganache.

Other Christmas-y dessert options include the 6 Boxes of Christmas Cookies Tin Box, which contains a selection of chocolate and butter biscuits, and the 5-inch Christmas Santa Cake, guaranteed to put the “Ho, Ho!” in your holiday.

Art of Salmo

Deriving its name from Salmo or fjord trout, Art of Salmo stocks the nutritious fish farmed in Norway’s cold, clear, low-saline waters, where the melting glaciers meet the Atlantic Ocean.

The brand’s antibiotic-free offerings include vacuum-packed steaks and ready-to-eat Mo-Cakes, fjord trout sandwiched between sushi rice discs topped with ikura (trout roe).

Just for the holiday season, Art of Salmo has launched three grazing platters – Santa Christmas Box, Elf Grazing Platter and Rudolf Christmas Box – that feature its best-selling products. Each platter is ideal for groups of four to five people.

Highly recommended is Santa Christmas Box, a tray of goodies that features smoked dill-cured fjord trout rosettes and a round of brie, berries, dried apricots, baby carrots, crackers, nachos and pretzels with two dips – cheese and the shop’s signature fish roe-topped Mo-Dip.

But that’s not all. Adding to the sumptuous platter is the Mo-Happy box, which contains favourites like Truffle Hotate, sashimi-grade scallops topped with truffle paste, and Rose, sushi rice crowned with sashimi rose and ikura.

Meals in Minutes

For times when you want to cook up a holiday-approved meal but prefer not to go through the hassle of labouring over a hot stove for hours, a meal-kit is your best friend.

Enter Meals in Minutes, a company that takes the headache out of meal prep by putting together ready-to-cook meals sans additives and artificial substances.

Highlights from the menu that are perfect for a cosy, intimate holiday-themed meal include Rosemary and Thyme Chicken, succulent chicken breast with rosemary, thyme and lemon-scented butter sauce that you can plate up with sides like creamy truffle mashed potato, charred corn and grilled carrots.

Each meal is perfectly portioned for one, which takes the guesswork out of planning a meal.

To build a nutritious festive meal, choose a base of brown rice, cauliflower rice or quinoa, add a protein like chicken, fish or prawns, and select a side to go with the mains.

Meals come in sous vide-style pouches that can be boiled or microwaved, with instructions on cooking times. Rest assured, you’ll have a tasty meal in minutes without even breaking a sweat.


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