Full of confidence before the game, the game was disappointing, Japan lost 0-1 to Costa Rica

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In the second round of the 2022 World Cup Group E, Japan lost to Costa Rica 0-1. Japan took the initiative, and Fuller scored lore in the 81st minute.

Japan rotates five players, with Merida Hidemasa, Yamane Shiro, Doanri, Soma Yuki, and Ueda Keise playing. Costa Rica only turns with Watson and Torres. The two sides had offense and defense against each other in the first half, but there were many mistakes in the crime, and neither side had a threatening opportunity.

Second half. Morita Hidemasa made a long shot and was saved. Navas also saved Takuma Asano’s header. Soma Yuki’s oblique shot from the left side of the penalty area went wide, and then a free kick in front of the penalty area shot directly over the goal.

Costa Rica broke the deadlock in the 81st minute, Tejeda passed the ball, and Fuller shot from the edge of the penalty area was blocked by Shuichi Gonda and hoisted into the goal.


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