Get the first victory, Messi became the first person in history! Argentina’s qualifying situation reversed, there are still tough battles to fight

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In the second round of Group C of the World Cup that ended earlier, Argentina finally defeated Mexico with a score of 2-0. So far, the second round of Group C has all been played. , they ranked first in the group with 4 points. Although Argentina lost in the first game because of Saudi Arabia’s loss in the second round, after they defeated Mexico, although both sides had 3 points, Argentina’s goal difference was 1. 1. Saudi Arabia’s goal difference was -1, so Argentina returned from the bottom of the group to second in the group in World War I, while Saudi Arabia and Mexico are 3 and 4 respectively. After winning the World Cup for the first time, Messi became the first player in history. Argentina’s qualifying situation is perfect, but it still cannot relax.

The first half was dull in this game, which is also understandable. After entering the group stage’s second round, strong teams generally performed poorly and suffered from physical problems. Lost, Argentina and Mexico were not too anxious in the first half. Another point is that because they both belong to the Americas, these two teams have played against each other frequently, and the two sides are already very familiar with each other. Before the game, both sides made a lot of defensive arrangements. , neither team could find a suitable solution, and Argentina had no chance to play behind frequently in the previous game. The 0-0 score in the first half made many fans worry about Argentina’s ending.

In the second half, Messi stood up. Although Argentina stepped up its offensive, the effect was not good. Messi began to threaten Mexico’s goal with long shots. In the 64th minute of the game, Argentina attacked from the right. However, they did not choose to cross but gave the ball to Messi outside the penalty area in the middle. Messi, who would not have a good chance, decided to take a step forward and hit the goal directly. The ball drew a beautiful arc against the ground and hit the lower right corner of Mexico’s dream. The ball was not only fast but also had a tricky angle. Even though Ochoa, the Mexican goalkeeper, had reacted quickly, the ball still entered the net in response, and Argentina led 1-0.

After the goal, Mexico was in a mess, and they began to push forward and press heavily. However, Argentina’s defense did not disappoint in this game. They did not allow Mexico to organize any effective offense. Instead, Argentina frequently threatened Mexico’s goal in counterattacks. In the 87th minute of the game, Messi took the ball from the left. He still did not choose to cross and did not intend to force a breakthrough. Instead, he gave the ball to Enzo Fernandez near the left penalty area. After Enzo got the ball, he quickly cut inside and hit the goal. The ball made a beautiful arc and hit the top right corner of Mexico’s dream. The goalkeeper has nothing to do with this kind of ball. With two stunning kicks, Argentina took a 2-0 lead at the last moment and almost sealed the victory.

Enzo’s goal, the assist came from Messi. With this assist, Messi became the first player in the history of the World Cup to have assists in 5 consecutive World Cups. Before Messi, most players had assists in 3 consecutive World Cups. Messi and Ronaldo set new records, respectively. Ronaldo has scored goals in 5 consecutive World Cups, while Messi has assisted. The peerless twins are still writing their history. With the win of this game, Argentina’s qualifying situation was suddenly reversed. Initially, an upset loss to Saudi Arabia, the weakest team recognized in Group C. Once Argentina fails to win one of the games against Mexico and Poland, their promotion situation will be relatively poor, and they may even go home on the group stage.

Now, Argentina has returned to the second position in the group. This is also thanks to Poland’s 2-0 victory over Saudi Arabia. In the next game against Poland, as long as Argentina wins, it will be able to advance to the top 16 as the first in the group. However, since Saudi Arabia currently has 3 points and Mexico has 1 point in hand, if Argentina draws with Poland in the next game, Argentina will be eliminated once Saudi Arabia wins. Or Mexico wins big, with more goal difference, and Argentina will also be eliminated. From this point of view, if Argentina’s end is only a draw, their qualifying situation is unclear, and it will even be hazardous. It is the last word to continue to win.

Argentina should not be underestimated in the next game because Poland currently ranks first in the group with 4 points. Poland only needs a draw, and they will steadily advance to the knockout round. If they lose, they may fall directly from first to third place in the group. Poland’s strategy for the next game is to go home after elimination and keep a tie. The latter may play more conservatively and focus on defense. This is not good news for Argentina. Initially, American teams had no physical advantage against European teams. If they did not have the height advantage to break through the dense defense and carry out the high-altitude bombings, it would be tough to cooperate on the ground. In addition, Poland’s defensive counterattack would still be brutal for them. With Lewandowski at the forefront, although Lewandowski once wasted a penalty, his ability to seize opportunities is still powerful, and the next game will still be a tough battle for Argentina.


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