World Cup – upset! Double substitute Raiders goal reverse Japan 2-1 Germany

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Germany lost 2-1 to Japan in the first round of Group E at the 2022 World Cup. Kyotokan scored from the penalty spot before substitutes Don Andryul and Takumo Asano converted the match.

In tIn the 8th minute, ITO Junya’s oblique pass on the right side, Maeda Doran’s close-range push to break the goal because the offside was ruled invalid. Kimi takes a corner, and Ruediger heads wide from 10 yards. Germany continued to besiege, and Shuichi Quan Tian saved Kimish and Jing Duran’s long shot.

In stoppage time, the goal was disallowed when Kimish’s long-range shot was saved, and Havers blocked Genabry’s cross in an offside position.

The second half. Muller passes, and Gnabry’s shot from the right of the box hits the near corner post. Michael Musiera passes the ball, and a low shot from the edge of the box hits the correct position. In the 73rd minute, Japan missed a chance, 10 yards volley was saved, and Sakai Hiroki’s had a slight edge of the penalty area hit the ball.

Germany’s stoppage time is expected to equalize, but Gretzky’s volley inside the penalty area of the arc rubbed out of the column.


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