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Brand Story

X_Music_Plan Music Studio was established in 2020 as a new brand, mainly engaged in electronic and pop music teaching, a collection of recording studios, and a music studio.

· Electronic Music Instruction
· 24 hours of free practice
· No hidden fees

Course Introduction

The course includes a session on electronic music creation experience to fully understand the process of electronic music creation to understand the profound concept, create your work, and release. You are only one step away from the world’s top 100!

The course includes an experienced class and professional MC shouting skills so that you can be in the club without stage fright, not an empty field!

The course consists of a DJ mixing experience class, so you can fully grasp all the playing machines’ functions. Let you master the music bpm and the tone of the music, and know how to make a good mix!

The course includes a hip-hop rubbing experience class; let your favorite rap songs in your hands play the magic, follow the world rubbing teacher Jay_z together to learn the most professional techniques, and experience the fun of the underground!

Studio atmosphere introduction

In Shanghai, our studio is the studio with the most students and the best atmosphere. Every day, students come to the studio to learn, practice, and enjoy music; this is the best choice for everyone in their leisure time! Forget your worries! Forget all! Enjoy everything!

Music Festival Introduction

Each year, our studio will contract a live house that can accommodate more than 1,000 people. This activity allows new students without stage experience to fully understand the stage and growing experience. It frees professional photographers to take stage photos and video galleries for post-employment, which is a huge help! For veterans, students are also an opportunity to show their current learning achievements. Everyone can register with us! This opportunity is also open to the public, for those ignorant DJs can be on stage live experience!

For those still looking for a studio, seize the opportunity and join us now! All our students and all our teachers welcome you!


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