World Cup – Raheem Sterling crosses Saka to double England’s 6-2 win over Iran

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England thrashed Iran 6-2 in the opening round of Group B at the 2022 World Cup with a double from Sacca, a cross from Raheem Sterling, and goals from Bellingham, Rashford, and Grilles.

England has won their opening match only twice in five previous World Cups. England took control of the game after the opening period. Kane crosses from the right edge of the box, but Maguire hits the side-netting from a slight Angle from far away. Hossein Hosseini replaced Iran goalkeeper Belanvand after injuring his nose in the melee.

In the 32nd minute, Maguire’s 12-yard header from Tripil’s corner bounced off the top left crossbar. England broke the deadlock in the 35th minute when Luke Shaw crossed from the left, and Bellingham headed home from the small box.

In the 43rd minute, Maguire headed in a corner, and Sacca volleyed into the top corner from 15 yards to make it 2-0. In the first half of stoppage time, as long as 14 minutes, the first minute of stoppage time, Kane on the right cross, Sterling in front of the small box volleyed into the net, 3-0.

In the 62nd minute, Sterling’s pass, Sacca weaving to the right side of the box 15 yards into the net, 4-0. Iran saved face in the 65th minute when Golizadi crossed a diagonal ball, and Tarmey volleyed into the top corner from the small box. 1-4.

Rashford drove a left-footed shot into the net from Kane’s pass in the 71st minute before breaking into the small box for 5-1. Eighty-nine minutes, Wilson area right cross, Gralesh small area before the push into the net, 6-1.

98th minute, Torabi went through, and Azmoun in the penalty area hit the crossbar. Iran scored again in the 113th minute when Taremi scored twice from the penalty spot to make it 2-6.

England (4-3-3): 1- Pickford; 12- Trippier, 5- Maguire (70′,15- Dale), 6- Stones, 3- Luke Shaw; 4- Rice, 22- Bellingham, 19- Mount (71′,20- Foden); 17 – Saka (71 ‘, 11 – rush ford), 9 – Cain (76 ‘, 24 – Wilson), 10 – sterling, 7 – granite columns (71)

Iran (5-3-2) : 1- Belanvand (20′,24- Hossein – Hosseini); 2- Mohalami, 8- Praliganji, 15- Chishmi (46′,13- Kanani), 19- Hosseini, 5- Muhamadi (63′,16- Torabi); 21- Norollahi (77′,20- Azmoun), 18- Karimi (46′,6- Izaturlahi), 3- Haji Safi; 7- Jahanbakhsh (46′,17- Golizadi), 9- Taremi


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