1-0, 2-1, the first qualifying team is released, and the third World Cup defending champion is expected to be born

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This World Cup in Qatar is the last time for 32 teams to participate, and the next World Cup in the United States, Canada, and Mexico will expand to 48 teams. There are many favorite teams in every World Cup to win the championship, and this World Cup is no exception. Such as Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands, Portugal, England, and even Japan have called out their goal of competing for the championship. But there is only one World Cup champion; who will have the last laugh?

Judging from the first round of the match, Argentina and Germany gave many fans a small “surprise,” and they were reversed 2-1 by two Asian teams. The Netherlands faced Senegal without Mane. Although they won the game 2-0, it was also challenging. Portugal also won the ball but faced Ghana with a score of 3-2; it was still unstable. Although Spain slaughtered Costa Rica 7-0, the reference value is not great. Although England beat Iran 6-2 in the first game, they drew 0-0 with the United States in the second round, showing signs of defeat and not being optimistic. Everyone was waiting for Brazil to be upset, but Serbia, which overwhelmed Portugal in the European arena and advanced to the World Cup as the first in the group, could not threaten Brazil and lost 0-2.

In addition to Spain, England, and Brazil, which showed impressive offensive strength, France, which injured several generals before the game, is still strong. In the first round, they easily won the Kangaroos Australia 4-1, which gave them a good situation in Group D. Because Denmark and Tunisia drew 0-0, France an excellent chance to qualify.

In the second round, Australia and Tunisia played against each other first, and Australia won Tunisia 1-0 with difficulty. If France draws with Denmark, the qualifying situation is also imposing. If they win, they will qualify from Group D ahead of schedule with 6 points in two games. In the first half of the game, the two sides scored a goalless draw, and no one could break through the opponent’s city. Mbappe scored twice in the penalty area in the second half, helping France beat Denmark 2-1 to win the game.

Although France only won one goal in this battle, the total number of shots was 11 more than Denmark, and it still showed solid offensive firepower. You must know that Denmark is not a weak team but a team ranked 10th in the world. A 2-1 game, although only one goal was won, was enough for the French team to become the first team to qualify from the group stage and reach the top 16 in the World Cup in Qatar.

Since the first World Cup in 1930, only two teams have defended the World Cup. One is Italy, which won two consecutive World Cups in 1934 and 1938, respectively. The other is the Samba team of Brazil, who won successive championships in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden and the 1962 World Cup in Chile.

In the following 60 years, no third team could defend the World Cup title. Who can break this curse? Gaul Rooster France with world superstar Mbappé has great hope. France was the champion of the last World Cup in Russia. In this World Cup in Qatar, Mbappe is more mature. In addition, there are many stars around him. The key is that the team is good at cooperating. There is every hope of defending the title. What do you think?


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