Is hair dye toxic?

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How to avoid toxic hair dye and use natural alternatives.

It’s estimated that up to 75 percent of women color their hair. Although hair dye is a common beauty practice, most people are unaware of the health risks associated with maintaining different hair colors.

Toxins can exist anywhere, and the amounts of toxins that people expose themselves to every day are increasing at an alarming rate. There are many chemicals in traditional hair dye that have been linked to debilitating health problems and forms of cancer. Unfortunately, most people don’t know the reality of what they expose their bodies to every day. The first step is to educate oneself on what’s in these products to limit dangerous chemical exposure. Here are a few harmful ingredients that could be lurking in everyday hair dye.

  • Ammonia: This is the main ingredient in household bleach and other industrial cleaners. It causes respiratory issues when it’s inhaled.
  • Eugenol: This toxic substance is used as a fragrance in hair dyes and has been linked to immune system toxicity, allergies and even cancer.
  • Resorcinol: This ingredient is found in most over-the-counter and professional hair dyes. It has been linked to abnormal hormonal function and an elevation in sexual hormones.
  • Coal tar: This is a major carcinogen and can be found in most hair dyes.
  • DMDM Hydantoin: This substance is used as a preservative and is known as an immunotoxin. Japan has restricted its use in cosmetics.
  • p-Phenylenediamine: Known as PPD, it’s commonly used in hair dyes and carries the strongest health risks. It can cause bladder cancer as well as kidney and lung problems.
  • Formaldehyde: This popular preservative is an ingredient in hair dyes and contributes to fetal damage and cancer.

Toxins like these can have detrimental health effects on people who are otherwise very healthy. If one eats well and exercises but still struggles with health issues, it’s a good idea to consider beauty products that may cause exposure to toxins. Hair dye can be a sneaky culprit that often goes overlooked as a source of toxin exposure.

The good news is that avoiding toxins can be easy as there are alternatives to toxic hair dyes. There are many options when it comes to coloring hair. Safe and professional hair dying can be done by choosing an organic salon where only non-toxic hair products are used by a stylist who specializes in all-natural hair care. A second option is to color hair safely at home. Henna is a very popular natural permanent hair color herb and is one of many other non-toxic hair dyes.

Armed with the knowledge of what to avoid when it comes to hair dye and how to replace toxic products with healthy ones, healthy hair dying will be easy. It will also become obvious that hair starts to look and feel healthier without all those unneeded harsh chemicals.

Once colored, be sure to take care of your hair with natural shampoos and conditioners!


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