Ecuador fans chant ‘we want beer’ while Qatar’s leave opening loss early

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Qatar lost 2-0 at home to Ecuador in the opening match of the Group A round of the 2022 World Cup at Albeit Stadium, with Valencia scoring twice after a disallowed goal. Qatar became the first host country to lose its opening game.

Qatar became the first team to host the World Cup since Uruguay in 1930 and Italy in 1934. Qatar became the first Middle Eastern country to host the World Cup and the second Asian country after Japan and South Korea.

In the third minute, Valencia headed in from close range after a free-kick from Fernando Torres barb through the scrum, but the VAR review had ruled out Estrada for being offside.

Ecuador took the lead in the 16th minute when Saad Sheb brought down Valencia, who fired his penalty low into the bottom right corner. In the 31st minute, Preciado crossed from the right, and Valencia headed into the bottom left corner from 12 yards to make it 2-0.

The second half was fruitless. Qatar became the first host country to lose its opening game.

Qatar (3-4-3): 1- Sad-Scheib; 15- El Rawi, 16- Khuh, 3- Hassan; 2-Miguel, 12-Boudiaf, 6-Hattam, 14-Ahmed; 10- Haydos (71′,4- Ward), 19- Ali (72′,9- Muntari), 11- Afif

Ecuador (4-4-2) : 1-Galindez; 17- Preciado, 2- Torres, 3- Incapier, 7- Estupinian; 19- Plata, 20- Mendes, 23- Caicedo (90′,21- Franco), 10- Ibarra (71′,16- Sarmiento); 13- Valencia (77′,5- Sifuentes), 11- Estrada (90′,26- Kevin Rodriguez)


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