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Looking for the best sofa beds available? We’re here to help with our round-up of the most stylish and comfortable sleeper sofas for every budget.

Whether you’re searching for a sofa bed that’s comfortable enough for everyday use in the living room, an affordable sleeper sofa for occasional use in the home office, or a compact option for conjuring up extra sleeping space in a bedroom or children’s playroom; we’ve narrowed down the choices to help you find the best of the bunch.

Whilst most sofa beds are going to feel firmer for sitting than one of the best sofas, the sleeper sofas on this list have been tried and tested to unearth the options that best combine that elusive mix of style, affordability, and comfort.

For more top tips and buying advice, just scroll to the end of this guide, but if you want to jump straight to our top sofa bed recommendations, you’ll find the Ideal Home team’s selection below.

Best sofa beds

1. MADE Haru Small Sofa Bed

Most affordable sofa bed: a luxe-look click-clack sofa bed at a great price point

A dark green velvet sofa bed in a contemporary living room

Seats: 1-2
Sleeps: 1-2
Sofa dimensions: H78 x W120 x D86cm
Extended dimensions: W120 x L182cm
Sleeping area dimensions: W120 x L182cm
Upholstery options: 11

You’re not going to fool anyone into believing this is a traditional sofa. Still, if you have a contemporary home, we love the Haru sofa bed’s modern design, perfect for some small-footprint extra sleeping space. And, in the velvet upholstery, this stylish option looks far more luxe than the small price tag suggests.

The MADE Haru sleeper comes in a range of sizes to make finding the right fit for a smaller space easy too. There’s a single chair bed, the small ‘double’ sofa bed (pictured) – which might be a bit of a tight squeeze for two – and a more spacious large sofa bed. All options are well under £500 and perfect for rooms where space is at a premium.

This is a click clack sofa bed, where the backrest and seat unfold to create the sleeping surface, so it is pretty firm and probably isn’t going to suffice as an everyday seating option – or provide a sleeping solution for longer-term guests – but as an occasional functional chair and overnight sleeper option, it’s hard to beat.

The five velvet options work particularly well for an accent chair in the living room, bedroom or guest room. The six possibilities of colourful, hardwearing cotton upholstery are ideal for kids bedrooms, providing instant extra bedding for impromptu sleepovers.

2. Heal’s Oswald 3 Seater Sofa Bed

Most comfortable sofa bed: pleasant to sit and sleep on

A contemporary grey sofa bed in a brightly lit living room with orange throw and ruc

Seats: 3
Sleep: 2
Sofa dimensions: H98 x W222 x D103cm
Extended dimensions: W222 x D152cm
Sleeping area dimensions: W222 x D152cm
Upholstery options: 3

Heal’s Oswald sofa bed fuses contemporary design with sit and sleep comfort – often a hard trio to find in the search for a multifunctional sleeper sofa.

The modern design hides some particularly well-considered construction. The seat and backrest formed from what Heal’s describe as ‘high resilient foam and hypersoft foam layers’ and the critical bit: 10cm deep pocket-springs nestled in the foam’s midst.

This makes for a seat with a good amount of giving and bounce – not a soft and squishy sofa to snuggle up on, perhaps, but a sofa bed you could use as your everyday living room seating. And, as the seat and backrest fold out to become the sleeping surface, it offers a comfortable sleep experience, too – in our opinion, akin to a dedicated mattress.

The leather tab at the front of the sofa makes pulling the seat section up and out to transform the sofa into a bed reasonably straightforward, and the legs fold out automatically, creating a super generous king-size sleeping surface that’s a pretty good height from the floor. There’s also some hidden storage for stashing the sofa cushions.

There are only three upholstery options – although the grey Dessin fabric is a lovely weave and good mid-tone colour that will suit many homes, it is an investment.

However, as long as your budget allows – and your home suits the contemporary design – this is one of the best sit sleep hybrids we’ve come across, satisfying all needs without too much of a compromise in any area.

3. Swyft Model 04 3 Seater Sofa Bed

Best sofa bed in a box

A putty coloured sofa bed in a box in a high ceilinged living room with full height windows behind

Seats: 3
Sleep: 2
Sofa dimensions: H86 x W208 x D89cm
Extended dimensions: W208 x D135cm
Sleeping area dimensions: L190 x W135
Upholstery options: 7

If you’re looking for convenience, then opting for a sofa bed in a box could well be the way to go.

Swift’s Model 04 sofa arrives flat-packed in sections, making it far easier to get your new sofa bed into a room with tricky access or up to several flights of stairs.

Swift also aims to do away with long sofa bed lead times, with all in-stock products available for delivery in under seven days – and often within 24 hours.

You will have to do some self-assembly once the sofa arrives, but as you’ll see from our full Swyft Model 04 sofa bed review on the Ideal Home website, this is a fairly straightforward endeavour with no tools required; thanks to the ‘Swyft-lock locking mechanism. This feature also means it’s simple to disassemble the sofa bed should you move house – particularly useful for renters – and also represents the sofa arms can be detached if necessary, potentially a bonus if you’re short on space.

Looks-wise, the contemporary design wouldn’t look out of place in a swish city apartment – although the low back may not be for everyone – and although the upholstery options are limited to 7, they’re good, versatile shades with a mix of hardwearing linen mix fabrics and velvets. As a bonus, the upholstery is also woven with stain-resistant threads, so if there are spills, all you need to do is wipe the couch with a wet cloth.

Extra fabric protection, and comfort, is provided by the mattress topper that comes included with each purchase. There’s also a handy integrated storage compartment under the seat to keep it in when the bed isn’t in use.

The sofa seat and backrest are made up of foam with integrated pocket springs in terms of comfort. We found sitting and sleeping a firmish experience, but not overly so. As long as you don’t mind sacrificing some sofa squish, then this option certainly looks good enough to use as your everyday seating in the living room. However, we think it comes into its own as a versatile spare bedroom or home office guest solution – doing away with the need for a static guest bed and freeing up more of your home for everyday enjoyment.

4. Bluebell Sofa Bed

Best classic-style sofa bed: turned wooden feet and traditional rolled arms make this a good option for a period property.

A classic sofa with traditional rolled arms and turned wooden feet in blue upholstery in a period living room with panelled walls

Seats: 1.5, 2, 2.5 or 3
Sleep: 1 or 2 dependent on size
Sofa dimensions: dependent on the size choice
Extended dimensions: W dependent on size choice x D233cm
Sleeping area dimensions: dependent on the size choice
Upholstery options: 70+

Suppose you have a period home or prefer a more classic sofa shape. In that case, the Bluebell sofa bed from is an option that delivers in the looks department and isn’t too much of a compromise on comfort, although the sitting experience is firm.

The sofas rolled arms, piped upholstery detailing, and turned wooden legs deliver a traditional look that works well in a period property. The sofa bed is a pull-out construction, with a hidden metal bedframe and dedicated mattress folded up and stowed away underneath the seat cushions.

This design – common to nearly all pull-out sofa beds – means the sofa seat cushions are resting on the back of the metal bed frame when the sofa is upright, which explains the seat’s firmness. The Bluebell’s feather-wrapped foam seat cushions improve the comfort levels a notch, and we found the high backrest offered plenty of back support.

In terms of sleeping, the bed mechanism is pretty easy to unfold, although it does require a bit of strength to lift out. And, if you opt for the 3-seater sofa bed (there is also a loveseat, 2-seater and 2.5-seater sofa bed available), it comes with a 10cm deep double-sized mattress, although that mattress is a little shorter in length than a standard double mattress.

This sofa bed also has a superb range of 70+ upholstery fabrics on offer, making tailoring a look to suit your home accessible work. Plus, there’s a good selection of matching furniture, including an armchair, traditional sofa, chaise and corner sofa, and a coordinating ottoman, so it’s easy to integrate this sofa bed into a more comprehensive living room suite if that’s your aim.

5. IKEA Hemnes Daybed

Best daybed: a valuable addition to a guest room or home office with handy storage

A white daybed with under bed storage drawers in a white painted bedroom

Seats: 3
Sleep: 2
Sofa dimensions: H83 x W209 x D91cm
Extended dimensions: W209 x L166cm (209 with drawers fully opened)
Mattress dimensions: 2 x W80 x L200cm
Upholstery options: n/a

If you’re not looking for a classic sofa bed, and need extra sleeping space in a guest bedroom, children’s playroom or home office, then we love the compact Hemnes daybed from IKEA.

You can style it as a comfortable seating nook during the day – and it makes a pretty generous three-seater seating space – and when guests come to stay, just pull out the slatted bed base to create a roomy sleeping area.

You also have the bonus of three generously-sized under-seat drawers, which offer clever storage, with plenty of room to stash guest bedding and more.

Available in white or grey bed frame, and with four options of mattress firmness on offer, there are plenty of opportunities to tailor this daybed to your needs, with the base colours a blank canvas for adding your soft furnishings.

Plus, there’s the price. At well under £500, it’s hard to beat that value.

6. Brook + Wilde Brunel Sofa Bed

Best sofa bed from a mattress specialist: for the discerning overnight guest

Blue velvet sofa bed - best sofa beds - Brunel Brook + Wilde

Seats: 3
Sleeps: 2
Sofa dimensions: H65 x W190 x D83cm
Extended dimensions: W190 x L226cm
Mattress dimensions: L180 x W133 x D10cm
Upholstery options: 6

Sofa manufacturers create most sofa beds, so it’s interesting to see a sofa bed crafted by experts in sleeping instead.

Better known for its luxury mattresses – many of which have been put through their paces and scored highly in our best mattress guides – Brook + Wilde is at the luxury end of the bedding market, focusing on multi-layered mattresses construction and super soft goose feather and down duvet covers and pillows.

The three-seater Brunel sofa bed aims to channel that sleep expertise into three sizes of sofa bed – a snuggler chair, a small two-seater sofa and a three-seater sofa bed – all available in six velvet colour options.

The focus of this sofa bed is definitely on the mattress itself; the Brunel features a 10cm deep version of the brand’s bestselling Lux mattress, combining a pocket-sprung base with memory foam upper designed to offer guests a ‘next-best-thing-to-your-own-bed’ sleeping experience.

7. Eve Sleep Away Mattress

The cheapest sofa bed alternative

A portable sleeping mattress in grey and yellow

Seats: n/a
Sleeps: 1
Mattress dimensions: L190 x W75cmm
Upholstery options: n/a

If space is super tight and you don’t want to sacrifice floor space to a permanent piece of furniture, then this nifty folding mattress from Eve could be a good solution for the occasional overnighter.

The Sleep Away offers guests an 8cm layer of foam to bed down on a cut above your regular blow-up mattress. It transforms into a compact roll when not in use, with a handy zipper that ensures it doesn’t come unrolled, plus a carry handle if you want to take it out on location. Glamping anyone?

Once unfurled, you just need to give it 30 minutes to plump up to total volume – far better than half an hour spent inflating a blow-up mattress with a foot pump, in our opinion.

Of course, with this option, your guests will still pretty much be sleeping on the floor, but we think it’s a great option to have to hand for sleepovers and impromptu overnight stays. There’s also a removable and washable top panel that can be freshened up at 40 degrees.

What are the most comfortable sofa beds?

Let’s be upfront. It’s unlikely that you’re going to find a sofa bed that’s as comfortable to sit on as one of the best sofas, sorry to be the bearers of bad news.  But… there are most certainly sofa beds that are far, far more comfortable than others. We know because we’ve tried and tested a lot of sofa beds in compiling this guide, and to find the best options, we’ve discovered it’s well worth understanding the difference between the two main types of sofa bed construction.

Fold-out or click-clack:

A click-clack sofa bed where the sofa’s backrest and seat fold flat to become the sleeping surface. If made of solid foam, then quite often, these designs can be the firmest for sitting and sleeping; the ‘bed’ also tends to be relatively low to the ground once the sofa bed is unfolded, and your guests will be resting directly on the sofa surface – unless you add a mattress topper – which may or may not be something you’re happy with.

Click clack sofa beds are more often contemporary in appearance, and quite often, the upholstery options will be a little more limited. However, they’re generally the most affordable option, have the shortest lead times, and are the most compact if floor space is considered.

That being said, two of the most comfortable sofa beds in this round-up are fold-out sofa beds. What sets these click-clack sofa beds apart is the addition of pocket springs nestled in amongst their foam cushioning, which gives both seating and sleeping areas some welcome bounce, although it also increases the price.


A pull-out sofa bed looks the most like a traditional sofa. The sofa seat cushions are removed in this design, and a folding bed frame is pulled out from the sofa seat cavity, with a dedicated mattress on top. The backrest and arms of the sofa remain in place, which means the bed takes up (sometimes considerably more) floor space, but the sleeping surface tends to be higher from the ground and more like a standard bed. As they tend to be made by sofa specialists, there are usually more upholstery options and matching furniture available if you want to blend a sofa bed with a living room suite.

However, there can be a massive difference in specifications and comfort. As you are sitting ‘on’ the folded bed frame, thick seat cushions are a must to add comfort, and there can also be massive variation in mattress thicknesses and construction (which can often be pretty hard to find in the small print). Generally speaking, you want the thickest mattress you can afford – a 10-14cm depth is a good gauge – and a sprung or pocket sprung mattress rather than solid foam for some bounce.Pink sofa bed in a room with navy blue feature wall

Darlings of Chelsea Waverley sofa bed

What else to consider when looking for the best sofa bed?

Sofa size

It’s important to consider how much seating space your sofa bed needs to offer. Suppose it’s not going to be your main living room sofa. In that case, you can get away with a more compact version – maybe even one of the best chair beds if you only need to sleep a single guest at a time – but if the sofa bed needs to seat the entire household daily, then investing in a chaise sleeper sofa, or one of the best corner sofa beds might be something worth considering.

It’s also vital to ensure your sofa bed will fit comfortably into the room where you want to use it. Find expert tips from Heal’s and Habitat in our guide to getting sofa measurements right.


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