0-0 upset, the 1.2 billion team became a joke! The midfielder is sloppy and the striker is weak, what to use to snipe Messi

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In the second round of this round of the World Cup group stage, England also ushered in a match with the US team. After England’s first significant victory over Iran before the game, everyone thought it would be a game without suspense. But the result of the match was entirely unexpected.

England drew 0-0 with the US team in the whole game. The midfielder of the England team has Bellingham, Rice, and Mount, three talented players with both worth and strength.

What was fully displayed in this game was the attitude of frontal weakness. Rashford even appeared in a daze in the penalty area many times and had a good chance not to shoot. Everyone also understands in their hearts that England is not going to play hard against the US team. I want the two sides to have a tacit understanding to clarify the situation of qualifying for the group.

As far as the attitude and upset results of the England team showed in this game, they are likely to encounter Argentina, who is second in the group, in the knockout round. What will they do to snipe the desperate Argentine team?


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