Wales has little hope of qualifying after losing 2 goals to Iran:Bale has tears in his eyes, and many people cry bitterly

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The second round of the World Cup group stage has started. For the teams that did not win in the first round, winning this round is almost the only choice. In the first matchup in Group B, Wales lost to Iran 0-2. The team goalkeeper was sent off at the last moment, and 10-man Welsh was killed in stoppage time by the West Asian powerhouse. It was tough for the team to qualify for the group stage. Big, even only theoretical hope left. When losing, the Welsh team’s 33-year-old veteran Bale also had tears in his eyes, which was quite touching, and the Welsh fans were even sad and crying!

As we all know, the 33-year-old Wales World Cup is his last World Cup. As the world’s top star, his state has declined seriously in recent years, and he also hopes to make a breakthrough in his last World Cup trip led by Wales. Leave an excellent end to your career. However, the Welsh team drew with the US team in the first group stage, which also made the team have to beat the Iranian team in the second game to grasp the initiative to qualify firmly. Otherwise, the team is likely to be eliminated from the group stage!

The two sides played quite stalemate and tragically in this game. The 33-year-old Bell played the whole game in the first game. At the end of the second half, facing the strong attack of the Iranian team, the Welsh main goalkeeper was sent off for a foul. The Welsh squad fighting with one less player almost relied on willpower to fight, and the injury time was as long as 9 minutes. The Iranian team relied on the last tenacious struggle to take advantage of Welsh’s physical decline and the disadvantage of one less player to score two consecutive goals. The goal killed the game’s suspense, and the Iranian team also gained a significant weight to qualify for the group!

After seeing Iran’s lore, many players of the Welsh team fell to the ground in frustration. It wasn’t easy to accept such an ending. Although the 33-year-old Welsh spiritual leader Bell did not fall to the ground, his eyes were distressed, and he tried his best. Bell and many teammates even had tears in their eyes. They knew what this loss meant. In the final round, the team will face England, the favorite to win the championship. Wales only has 1 point after two games and wants to qualify for the group. It must beat England in the last round, which is almost impossible. In the first round, Iran defeated England 2-6!

In other words, Wales’ current qualifying situation is only theoretically possible. The fans who cheered for Wales also shed sad tears in the stadium stands, including some small fans. It has to be said that the World Cup is so cruel. Players and fans must accept the bitterness of losing or even be eliminated, especially for the “Great Saint” Bell. His last World Cup trip may not be perfect, but we also support him. The hard work and dedication moved me, and I hope Wales can play the game I want in the last game and enjoy the stage of the World Cup!


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