France beat the Kangaroos 4-1: the continental champions lost, and the World Cup champions stayed on track

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Defending champions France came from behind to beat Australia 4-1 after conceding an early goal in their Group D opening match in Qatar, with Giroud scoring twice.

Before France’s debut, many fans made a conclusion based on the last few matches of the World Cup: the Asian Cup winner (Qatar) lost, the Africa Cup of Nations winner (Senegal) lost, the Copa America winner (Argentina) lost, and the European Cup winner (Italy) didn’t even qualify for the World Cup finals!

World Cup winners France can escape the first round of bad luck on every continent? Before the World Cup, France lost Kante, Pogba, Nkunku, Benzema, Kimembe, and many other top players due to injuries, not to mention the famous “World Cup defending charm” cloud.

After two goalless games last night and this morning, it only took eight minutes for France and Australia to get excited when the Australian backfield suddenly hit a long ball down the right, Leckie crossed, and Goodwin wrapped it in from behind! This situation also seems to let the previous several “championship nightmare” scripts continue.

At the same time, France conceded the goal, their main left-back, Lucas Hernandez, was injured in defense and replaced by his younger brother Teo Hernandez.

But France did have the depth of depth, and they equalized in the 26th minute when substitute Teo Hernandez crossed from the left, and Rabio was left unmarked to head home.

In the 31st minute, France scored another goal! Rubio in front of the successful tackle into the clever box cross, Giroud in front of the net quickly empty.

France had a chance to double their advantage just before half-time when Griezmann’s instep cross from the right flank was wasted by the outflanking Mbappe, who fired away from an empty net. Australia also missed a chance to score a minute later when Jackson Irvine’s sweeping header from the center hit the post and left France goalkeeper Lloris in a cold sweat.

In the 49th minute, again, Teo Hernandez crossed from the left, and Giroud made an excellent barb in the area, but his shot was narrowly deflected.

Dembele made it 3-1 in the 67th minute with a left-footed cross from the right that Mbappe flicked home.

In the 70th minute, Mbappe crossed from the left, and Giroud blasted home.

In the end, France beat the Wallabies 4-1 with intelligent wing penetration and deep midfield, keeping the World Cup holders alive as the continental champions lost.


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