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When we think of exercise, we often think of building muscle or increasing our aerobic capacity; But sometimes, we underestimate the power of stretching. Improving flexibility as part of a regular exercise program is vital. One of the things we love most about the extension is that it can be done frequently throughout the day for short periods.

This will increase your overall flexibility and do wonders for your mood, energy level, and overall health. The body is more flexible, which can make daily tasks easier. Stretching improves balance, range of motion, and circulation. Stretching relaxes your joints and muscles. Being flexible also helps prevent injuries. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of stretching is reducing stress.

Remember that sitting still all day can be problematic and may increase the risk of many different diseases, including cancer. In fact, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, it only takes one to two minutes throughout the day to help reduce cancer risk. Stretching is a great way to break the day down into sections and add more combination movement to your workout routine. Stretching costs nothing and is one of the best forms of exercise that is easy to do.

Here are some tips to look for when stretching:

Stretching shouldn’t be painful, so don’t push yourself when pulling. It would be best if you only were moderately nervous.
Stretching should be smooth and soothing. Don’t bounce or force your body to try.
Don’t hold your breath while stretching. Use this as an opportunity to breathe freely.
Stretch regularly. In addition to exercise-related stretching, you should stretch periodically throughout the day and at night before you go to bed. Stretch during exercise, gently stretch your muscles, and then work your body.
Drink plenty of fresh water before, during, and after stretching. Water keeps all body systems hydrated and can help you make the most of your daily stretching.
Athletes have long used stretching to improve performance; However, research has shown that extension can provide a wide range of health benefits. For additional support, check out joint supplements such as collagen or glucosamine. Please consult your doctor for more information. So stretch in your daily life!


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