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Make your sports drink to get your daily dose of electrolytes.

Sometimes, minerals are lost during exercise, and hydration alone is not enough. Weekend sports warriors often grab a sports drink after a moderate workout. But these drinks may cause more problems than they solve.

Many store-bought 32-ounce sports drinks can contain as much as 52.5 grams of sugar. That means athletes may be taking in more calories than they’re burning. To avoid the sugars and other chemicals in these drinks, such as fruity flavors and artificial colors, it’s also easy to make drinks at home that may help replenish electrolytes and minerals.

Coconut water is probably the best base for a sports drink. It has only 46 calories per cup and contains magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, and calcium. This water contains electrolytes and antioxidants. Researchers believe coconut water can help naturally balance blood sugar levels, prevent kidney stones, and lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

People can make their own sports drinks at home. See the ingredients below:

Homemade sports drink

1-quart coconut Water, favorite brewed herbal tea or purified water
¼ cup Natural 100% juice
⅛ TSP salt
1 TSP calcium magnesium powder
1 TSP sweetener (e.g., honey, stevia, etc.)

Combine all ingredients.
Refrigerate until ready to drink.
The shelf life is up to 4 days.


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